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My aim is to create the best resource when it comes to finding new series to read within Progression Fantasy and LitRPG. All proceeds from Patreon go towards site maintenance costs and any left over money will be reinvested to improve and increase the number of available features. If you would like to support the site, you can sign up to my patreon account Here

Due to this being a relatively new genre, but with a very broad range of content, I found it extremely hard to find books to read that fitted in with what I wanted to read at the time. Places like reddit helped to find new series, but what I noticed was that a lot of the posts were all asking for similar things or that some recommendations didn’t really match what was being asked for. With this in mind, I decided to create a catalogue of as many series I could find and include any tags relevant to the series. By using my site, users can now narrow down the vast amount of content within the sub genre and give a more specific focus on what they really want.


Platinum Rank
DrengrFavourite Series: He Who Fights With Monsters
The world building and character development lead to a constant need to know what happens next and feeling like I have an actual investment into what happens to each character. I showed up for the comedy and stayed for Clive’s wife.


Gold Rank
Joshua Hamby – Favourite Series: Defiance of the Fall
I very much appreciate what you’ve done and you’ve done an excellent job. I’m an enormous fan of the genre and voraciously consume, so the service you’re providing has been invaluable for my friends and I despite so recently stumbling upon the site. My favorite series would be Defiance of the Fall.