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R.J. Triveri – Incipere Online

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written 3 Book(s)

In 2049, the Singularity has emerged from the depths of the internet, and the world is better for it. Earth has entered a golden age of technology, and man and artificial intelligence share the world in peace. For those that aren’t satisfied with the physical humdrum of Earth, the Singularity’s people eagerly welcome humans into their home of Incipere.

But new golden age or not, the world keeps on turning as it always has, and it still isn’t always datum and daisies. Just ask Athos Aramis.

After being mugged, stabbed, and left with a critical spinal injury, Athos’s last option is to trade one machine-supported life for another and let his mind be downloaded into the world of Incipere. Thanks in part to some outdated guide books, his journey is less than ideal, and as the newest alchemist of Incipere, Athos must learn to survive as he goes. His biggest lesson? Incipere – and its denizens – shouldn’t be taken lightly.

EbookKindle Unlimited Virtual Reality    AlchemyProfession Lead Male Third Person

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