R.P. Jones – Beast Realms

R.P. Jones – Beast Realms

Series Rating
4.22 / 5

Series Summary

With regenerative abilities, a badass tail and the potential to evolve his body, how could Art resist choosing a lizard man as his avatar? All’s well until he accidentally joins forces with an acid-spitting, enemy-consuming shadow-bound grub, causing his light-bound guild members turn against him, and a deadly fire mage to wage a vendetta against him.

Venturing through enchanted forests, into mage enclaves atop ice-capped mountains, through thief-ridden sewers and into ancient temples, Art must defeat the Legendary Beasts and claim their gems of power before his enemies can stop him.

With the odds stacked against him, it’s time for Art to undergo some dangerous and unique training.

It’s time for him to evolve!

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