Ria Corvidiva – Godslayer Lysette

The gods themselves will soon fear divine retribution. Lysette’s life should have ended the night inquisitors annihilated her village. But an act of divine intervention gave her a second chance. Now reborn as a Godslayer, Lysette has a new goal – revenge against those who took everything from her. To avenge her family, she will first need to gain far more power through study, training, and undertaking missions for her new patron. But her actions quickly attract the attention of allies and enemies alike, all interested in this new Cultivator. With new friends at her side, Lysette will form a...

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Zanafar – Saga of Ebonheim

In a world where gods walk among mortals, governing their settlements and determining their fates, the outcasts and the forsaken forge their own path to salvation. They journey to the untamed frontiers and establish their new home within an ancient forest valley. Shunned by the gods they once served, these outcasts forge a new path forward, led by elders who conspire to create a deity of their own. Through shared stories and collective beliefs, they breathe life into Ebonheim—a goddess born from their dreams and the embodiment of their hope for a brighter future. As Ebonheim emerges into existence, she...

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Eric J. Vann – The Seeded Realms

In the world of Kadora, a new power awakens… Trapped and alone, Aziel is the greatest secret the Caelian Empire ever kept. For centuries he has been imprisoned as empires turned to dust and the world of Kadora changed around him—only to be released at last by Celia, a beautiful succubus. As Aziel faces a race against time and struggles to master his immense powers, he must gather together his own group of loyal followers. It will take all the wit and counsel he can muster to navigate an unfamiliar world balanced on a knife’s edge as a rival kingdom...

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