Felix Taylor – Malice of the North

An apprentice healer. An exiled noblewoman. To defy tyranny, they’ll need to even the odds. They’ll need to grow stronger. Every year, the youth of the North are tested for a Reyad—a magical bond with an animal with the potential to grant immense power. Pirin is ripped away from his village, and from his healer’s duty. As far as he’s concerned, he’ll be tested like everyone else. He doesn’t expect anything to come from it. He certainly doesn’t expect to meet Myraden, a noblewoman whose hunt for revenge draws him into a destructive war. Desperate to fulfill his mentor’s dying...

4.13 / 5
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Cinnamon Blossom – Grey Stone & Bright Blossom

I want you to become a fairy. It had been such an odd request, that Yuri hadn’t known what to make of it. But when an explanation had finally been pried from his friend, Miguel, it seemed that Yuri was being given a chance to play during early access for a new, full-immersion VR game. However, there were a few stipulations …. And thus began Yuri’s life as a little, plant-themed fairy girl named Blossom. But it wasn’t as one half of an adventuring duo as he had assumed. Rather, it seemed that Blossom’s task would be to help Miguel...

4.33 / 5
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Jonathan Brooks – Dungeon Fairy

All that Tacca GloomLily ever wanted to be since she was very little was a Fairy Assistant to a Dungeon Core. Unfortunately for her, the “hands-on” training she was supposed to receive from a Mentor and his Bonded Dungeon Core didn’t go the way she would’ve hoped. In fact, the stigma attached to her origins finally made itself known in the form of horrendously “bad luck”; the rotten part of her newly discovered luck was that it adversely affected Cores that she happened to be near, and not just herself. What can a Dungeon Assistant Fairy do when every Dungeon Core she gets near ends up being destroyed? Tacca had no idea, but a solution eventually presents itself – though it’s one that she never saw coming…

4.18 / 5
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