Tim Paulson – Bone Knight

Confronted out of the blue by a floating demonic eye Max doesn’t take it seriously, because who would? So when the flesh is ripped from his bones and he’s hurled, screaming, into a fantastic and terrifying new world, he’s a little surprised. When he learns his first task is to free the daughter of the god of death who’s been chained and tortured for centuries, Max is stunned. He’d better figure things out and fast. As an unwelcome undead in a world oppressed by the corrupt tyranny of light, there are whole orders pledged to eradicate his kind. To right what’s wrong with the world, Max will need cunning, determination, and a whole lot more than one measly hit point.

4.18 / 5
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Andries Louws – Skeleton in Space

Douglas is a simple summoned skeleton, formed from an old battlefield when some ancient fossil of a necromancer raised him for a nefarious purpose. His memories are a bit foggy, but who cares about remembering when there is walking to be done! Or stabbing cows! Douglas loves life, the simple joy of doing repetitive tasks – like battering down a large tower door – is all that’s needed to keep his clacking bones satisfied. But just after he completed his most recent task, the wizard he was fighting took out a weird crystal… and now there are stars everywhere. Will the floating, freezing skeleton find out what happened? Or will that wrecked spaceship on a collision path be the last thing going through his empty skull?

3.90 / 5
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