James Hunter & Eden Hudson – The Rogue Dungeon

Build. Evolve. Conquer. Welcome to the Dungeon… Roark von Graf—hedge mage and lesser noble of Traisbin—is one of only a handful of Freedom fighters left, and he knows the Resistance’s days are numbered. Unless they do something drastic… But when a daring plan to unseat the Tyrant King goes awry, Roark finds himself on the run through an interdimensional portal, which strands him in a very unexpected location: an ultra-immersive fantasy video game called Hearthworld. He can’t log out, his magic is on the fritz, and worst of all, he’s not even human. He’s a low-class, run-of-the-mill Dungeon monster. Some...

4.11 / 5
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Calvin Moretti – The Lord of Famine

The disappearance of the fiendish lantern. The opening of the otherworldly great tomb. Four horsemen of the apocalypse are born. The vile artifact, the fiendish lantern, fell in the hand of a frail troll, Tuskless. Genius Artists of the magic academy were looking for it in order to reach the great Astralist realm, and they would slaughter any non-humans in order to take it back.Burnt by ambition, Tuskless kept the vile artifact for himself. He wanted to change himself and stand among the rank of Astralists. He would reach his goal even if he had to take advantage of an...

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Seal Johnson – Undermind

Saskia thought her life was finally getting back on track after the accident. Then she got trolled. Now she’s up a tree the size of a planet, and all who meet her either run screaming or attack on sight. If everyone would just calm down and stop trying to kill her for one moment, she might get a chance to explain that this has all been a horrible misunderstanding.

4.23 / 5
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MDW – Reincarnated as a Troll in a Dark Fantasy World

A troll wakes up in the “forest of beginning” of a fantasy world with only faint memories of his past human life and unable to speak. The human realm will spare no expense to bring down this monstruous threat. While clinging to his humanity, the troll must use his cunning and modern knowledge to survive and evade the hunters.

3.78 / 5
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S.L. Rowland – Sentenced to Troll

A troll. A rager. An entertaining asshat. When his online persona finally catches up to him, he’s sentenced to thirty days of full-immersion therapy designed to improve his anger issues. In order to experience what it’s like on the other side, he’s forced to play as a forest troll, a long-hated race in Isle of Mythos. To make matters worse, there are other “heroes” sent to rid the world of evil, each one on their own path of twisted redemption. As Chad embraces the mantle of Chod the Barbarian Forest Troll, he quickly discovers that there’s more to troll society than meets the eye, and his rage might be all that stands between them and extinction.

4.22 / 5
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