George M. Frost – The Zombie Knight

Death is coming. And he wants to help. The world of Eleg may seem like a normal enough place at first blush, but wade deeper into it, and soon the dark, the deadly, and the mad will begin to reveal themselves. But don’t worry. They usually have a sense of humor. {IMPORTANT NOTE} – This series is on hiatus for Royal Road and Amazon, but at last check the story is still being written and regularly posted on the authors blog where you can continue the story.

4.33 / 5
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David Petrie – Necrotic Apocalypse

An unstoppable curse. A dead man displaced from his time. How do you survive the zombie apocalypse when you started it? Digby Graves, a deceased medieval peasant with delusions of grandeur, is trying to figure out how the hell he ended up in Seattle eight hundred years after his death. Also, why does he have necrotic magic coursing through his zombified body? Added to that is the fact that he made a terrible first impression the moment he woke up by lunging at the first person that came into biting range.

4.31 / 5
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