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RavensDagger – Fluff

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio 2 Book(s)
1100 Pages

Every year, on the same day, people across the world awaken new powers. They take the first step on the path to becoming Super Heroes… or Villains.

Emily Wright wants nothing to do with any of that. All she wants is to get her degree and maybe learn to deal with her anxiety so that she can have an entire conversation with a stranger without panicking.

She did not plan to awaken with the power to summon little sisters, or to learn that she’s been marked as a Villain. Will she be able to turn things around, or will she drown in a sea of super villainy and cuddles?

Female NarratorRoyalRoadEbookWeb NovelPaperbackAudio Book Comedy   Slice of Life    School    Modern Era    Superheroes/Villains Lead Female IntrovertAnti-hero Multiple Lead Characters Third Person Slow Paced Party Focus

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