Redhand – Abyssal Road Trip


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Redhand – Abyssal Road Trip

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - Written Mature ContentGraphic Sex ScenesSensitive Content 6600 Pages

Julia is a practical person. All she wanted was a home and family to call her own, a small piece of the world she could say was hers.

Instead of arriving home one evening, Julia finds herself in the Abyss. Now she’s not only far from home, she’s trapped inside a cursed body.

The curse may have caught her, but she certainly wouldn’t let it or anyone else tell her how she has to live. It’s not a hero that you have to watch out for, it’s the practical person when you’re in the way of their freedom.

Hell is a place for the organised torment of the guilty in life while the Abyss is its sociopathic disorganised cousin.

There’s darkness in the Abyss, and darkness within her that might draw it in.

But she’ll need to risk its strength, for to get out, she’ll need to become strong enough to descend to its deepest reaches.

Yet it’s in those places that the most dangerous secrets lie in wait.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Isekai/Transmigration Lead Female Third Person

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