Robert Blaise – 1% Lifesteal

Robert Blaise – 1% Lifesteal

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At what point does healing become powerless? Lost limbs? Old scars? Cancer, birth defects, chronic illnesses, mental problems?

A question that—on New Earth, a world two hundred years post a reality-altering cataclysm—often has one answer: Whenever you run out of money.

But there are exceptions.

Freddy Stern, a twenty-one-year-old cashier, has lived a plain, albeit harsh, life. Having been orphaned—twice—he has spent the last ten years working and staying out of trouble. He only had a single aspiration—to save enough money to become an archhuman.

His dream gets the jump on him when he barely survives a near-death encounter and manifests a non-combat prime vestige in his sleep. One that he trades for 1% Lifesteal—a wild card with blurry details, sold to him by someone unwilling to take a chance with it.

Walking the thorny path up with Bloodshed by his side, he explores the unknown nature of his power.

He quickly discovers that no matter how many times he is torn apart, he can put himself back together. Physically, at least. But what will happen to him inside? What will his fate be when he confronts the rotting guts of archhuman society? Can his soul remain as pristine as his body?

Or will that part of him simply remain broken?

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