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ruffwriter – Firstborn of the Frontier

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - Written Mature ContentGraphic Sex ScenesSensitive Content 700 Pages

The Frontier. A new world full of freedom, adventure, and opportunity, where anyone can carve their name into history and earn a fortune doing so.

A promise made to the first wave of settlers, but for Howie Zhu, the Frontier is all he’s ever known. Born and raised in this unexplored land filled with vast riches and natural splendour, he sets out to make his mark as the Firstborn of the Frontier, the eldest scion of a new generation on a new world. With his daddy’s pistol on his hip, his mama’s Spellbook in his pocket, and a heart full of determination, he ventures out in search of fame, fortune, identity, and purpose. A trailblazer by necessity and lone wolf by nature, join Howie as he explores a world bereft of all the modern conveniences of the old, where the law is a distant echo of a polite suggestion and monstrous Aberrations run rampant. Survival is only the beginning as he navigates through lands teeming with danger and opportunity both, for the true struggle lies in straddling the line between hero and villain. Morals are the currency of trust after all, and there is little of either to be found out on the wild, untamed Frontier.

An Urban Fantasy Magi-Tech tale of Spellslinging, gunfighting, adventuring, and exploring, with orcs, bugs, and zombies aplenty. Inspired by DnD, Path of Exile, Rimworld, and a few other things.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Grimdark   Steampunk    Both Modern & Fantasy Worlds   Rural Location   Wild West    Post-Apocalypse   Modern Era    Guns/Modern WeaponryMagitechRune/Spell CraftingScience Lead Male Magic General AbilitiesGunslingerRanged General Abilities AnaliticalAnti-heroRuthless Multiple Lead Characters Light Progression First Person Slow Paced Mixed Solo/Party No Stats

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