Samuel Hinton – Manifestation


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Samuel Hinton – Manifestation

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio 3 Book(s)

Born with an enormous well of power but no way to regenerate it, Raysha will risk anything to fix herself, even if it means venturing into the unknown with nothing but her brother, an enchanted water bottle, and a stubborn attitude.

Without the ability to cultivate aeon from the world, Raysha has been treated like an outcast her whole life. While she has to ration her power drop-by-drop, others use it as commonly as breathing. In a world where true masters of aeon have slaughtered gods, Raysha’s future in her village is limited to babysitting pre-awakened children who inevitably surpass and mock her.

So when her brother visits from the Academy with a dangerous new idea to help her, Raysha jumps at the chance to finally do something. Her brother believes that with three simple things, they might have a cure: an enchanted water bottle, a simple change of scenery, and—-of course-the crystalized heart of an ancient spirit. Raysha is skeptical, but with her refreshing drink in hand, the pair head out into the wider world in search of the impossible.

Female NarratorEbookKindle UnlimitedAudio Book School    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Western CultivationCultivation Lead Female Magic General AbilitiesMage (Pure)Elemental Magic OP (Over Powered) Third Person Mixed Solo/Party No Stats

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