Samuel W. Mc. – Malevolent

Samuel W. Mc. – Malevolent

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Within a generation, the sky, once blue, bled a deep scarlet. Feral beasts roamed the lands and mutated men ravaged civilisations. They carved destruction in their wake. The spawning of new idols worshiped by cultists marked a terrible turn. Finally, a crippling insanity plagued the very few survivors left.

Written in the journals of antiquity, thought to be lost to time, a scholar wrote that: ‘This horrific cataclysm that we face was brought about by humans…’

These events are long gone and ever since, a longstanding peace has descended upon Orbis. Yet, to spite the efforts of the saviours of yore, a progenitor of this calamity has been invited back by ritual. It seeks the return of these very ancient events. A silent peril is on the way…

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