Seolwoo Jin – Seoul Station’s Necromancer

Seolwoo Jin – Seoul Station’s Necromancer

Series Rating
4.35 / 5

Series Summary

After being transported to the planet Alphen, Kang Woojin fought every day just for the chance to live. As he struggled on the edge of life and death, he had only one goal – to return home. After twenty years of conflict, survival, and dark magic, he finally found a way. But the Earth he returned to was different from the one he’d left behind. For one, only five years had passed. And second, Earth now lived in fear of monsters who lived in subway stations. Most importantly of all, Earth has superheroes – the self-styled ‘Awakened’.

Woojin’s father had been lost to the monsters, forcing Woojin to care for his mother and sister. He quickly discovers that the monsters are only a precursor to a precipitous end, a calamity brewing beneath the ground. To make matters worse, Woojin’s past on Alphen continues to haunt him as old friends and older enemies draw fresh breath on Earth.

For the one known as Alandal’s Monarch, it may yet turn out to be another struggle for survival.

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