Shane Purdy AKA Wolfshine – Dungeon From The Void

Shane Purdy AKA Wolfshine – Dungeon From The Void

Series Rating
4.35 / 5

Series Summary

A strange new dungeon, only having recently left the void; a destructive new element, never-before seen by the inhabitants of Midgard; and a half-elf mercenary on the search for a peaceful life.

Within the world of Midgard, most people struggle just to survive.

However, a daring few fight within places known as ‘dungeons’ to get stronger so that they may make a place for themselves within this cruel world.

These few are known as cultivators.

Our story begins with a young dungeon core as he enters the world of Midgard for the first time.

This dungeon core, one bound to an element known only by the strongest people within the world, starts his new life outside of the void within a secluded mountain range, far away from any kingdom.

How will the world react to this new dungeon core and his extremely dangerous element?

That is yet to be foretold.

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