Sortis – Caged Worlds: Breakout AKA Voidwalker


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Sortis – Caged Worlds: Breakout AKA Voidwalker

LitRPG & GameLit Hiatus Mature ContentSensitive Content 2 Book(s)

Character is destiny, so they say.

From an orphan to a gang leader. From the best assassin of Earth to the biggest enigma of Elisium. Ethan, the boy who one day will be known through all the realms under the vast cosmos, originally, didn’t want any of it.

Yet, life never cared about the wants of an individual. Destiny was beyond that. The good thing was, with an AI to help, magic at his command, and stubbornness engraved in his will, he was planning to visit the beyond.

Come and see the journey of the void assassin and the necromancer mantis as they pry into the secrets that no one should. Will they survive after opposing god-like beings? Will they thrive in power with their new companions? Will they finally manage to turn their wants… into destined?

A Progression LitRPG sprinkled with Cultivation, VR, and AI.

What to expect;

A western cultivation world with minimal xianxia tropes.

Single POV for the most part. (around 90%)

Mostly light-hearted, but there are some grim moments as well.

No harem.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Mystery   Slice of Life   YA (Young Adult)    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Western CultivationCultivationLarge Loot DropsMartial ArtsSummoning/FamiliarsUndead Magic General AbilitiesAssassin / RogueMelee General AbilitiesSpell Sword ExtrovertRuthlessWitty / Humorous Has Familiar/PetsOP (Over Powered)Young Heavy Progression Third Person Medium Paced Light Stats

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