Hugo Huesca – The Wraith’s Haunt

Dark forces have extended Edward Wright an offer of incredible power at a terrible cost… …and Edward has chosen to make them regret it. When Edward is swept into the world of Ivalis as a Dungeon Lord, the Dark’s most powerful servant, he has no servitude in mind. He’ll oppose the evil plans of the Dark god Murmur, whatever it takes. Through only his wits and his guts to help him survive a weakened arrival, Edward must rise to power if he is to earn the right to live another day. But in the battle between Dark and Light, what...

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J.D. Astra – Deathless Dungeoneers

An underrated dungeon. A determined dungeoneer. One chance for a new start. Since the moment Rhen delved his first dungeon, he’s wanted nothing more than to own one himself. When a tiny plot pops up in the Dungeon Owner’s Guild, Rhen decides to take a leap of faith and realize his dream. Rhen soon discovers the little dungeon has a lot more to offer than the Guild previously assessed—and that could mean big trouble. A powerful rival dungeon owner is breathing down Rhen’s neck for snatching up all the delvers in town, envious of his wild luck and the success...

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Zenkarn – Reincarnated for an Apocalypse Store

Retail is hell, but hell might have been preferable. A baseball bat to the head kills, and Arthur Clark is no exception. A former wage slave, he finds in his death that the dragon goddess and her children want him to keep working – to bring economic prosperity to a ruined city. Now he has gangsters, wannabe superheroes, and starving survivors as his customers, and an inventory to scavenge from the roaming mutated wildlife. If only this was as easy as it’d been in his books.

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John Stovall – Dryad Dungeon

Ty had always been poor and overlooked by society—especially female society. But he had managed to acquire a dungeon core, and was going to make himself dungeon lord to the world’s greatest dungeon, becoming rich and desired. Only two problems. One, he needed a powerful boss monster. Two, his dungeon core was cracked. But Ty wasn’t about to let minor details like that stop him on his quest to become someone. He had a plan—a plan to convince the dying goddess of dryads to become the boss monster of his dungeon. This is the story of Ty, who becomes the...

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DaScoot – Worthy Core

Xenia Worthy, Reincarnator Extraordinaire, has done it all. She’s been a Hero (twice), a Demon Lord (briefly), and most recently did a stint as a magical talking sword. But it turns out there’s at least one more type of life for her to live: the life of a sapient Dungeon Core. She’s more than experienced with death, but no fan of it, so with the help of her latest SGA-assigned Guide, Guy, it’s time for her to see if she can make life as a stone her best life yet. In this new world Dungeons exist to prove to mortals...

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James Garfield – Charming Dungeon Master

When a promising college student dies in an accident, it’s tragic. When he then finds himself reincarnated as a monster in a fantasy world, it’s even worse. How much worse? Let’s just say, he’s not fond of his new body. The good news is, he’s the dungeon master and has full control over his dungeon. How will he adapt to this new world? Soon, he’ll need to decide how to defend himself from innocent young adventurers who want his head. After all, they’re right outside.

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TheBeardedMan – Tiny Dungeon

In a world of Dungeons and High Spirits, one man decided he would attempt to live forever. He failed and died in the attempt. His creation, stolen from him by the most unlikely of creatures, will go on to change the world. One tiny piece at a time. After all, it is the tiniest dungeon core ever seen. This will probably take a while. Tiny Dungeon follows the adventures of a Dungeon Core so small it boggles the mind. Its creatures are perhaps not the fiercest, at least at first, or the most challenging opponents to someone as large as...

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Brandon Storm – Dungeon Core City

Dungeons, you dive into them, you kill monsters in them, you apparently build towns and cities around them in much the same way that you build a town around a mine or a logging camp. But You don’t see too many stories about People building a town around a Dungeon do you? Or in this case, a city.

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TitansRook – Lucid Core

Lucid dreaming is something that happens very rarely. Some people may never experience it in their entire lives. But for Lucid, it’s a nightly occurrence. He plays around in his dreams, stretching his will over everything with the finest of controls. Manipulating his very environment has become second nature to him. So when he becomes a dungeon core without his knowing, he slides into the position comfortably. Abby and Owyn are adventurers! Abby desires all the thrills that adventures bring, and Owyn is obsessed with dungeons. While they may not have much now, they’re almost ready to finish their preparations....

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Fatomir – The Dramatic Dungeon

In a world where Elves and Goblins are real, where Wizards and Witches cast terrible and powerful magic, where [Lvl. 100 Hero]s lead parties to fight one great and menacing evil or another, Dungeons are essential. Those places of challenge, of exploration, of hardships and triumphs, are where stories are written, loot acquired, legends born and bonds of eternal friendship forged. And I… am a Dungeon. So, come one, come all, to the “Stage of Forgotten Fables”, and let me, the Playwright, show you a story, like none you have experienced before.   The stage is set, after all, for...

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