InadvisablyCompelled – Systema Delenda Est

When the System came to Earth, technology failed, monsters appeared, and billions died as humans were inducted into the game-like physics the System enforced. Unfortunately for the System, not all humans were on Earth. Some scattered postbiological individuals decided to push it back, and embarked on a decade-long crusade to eliminate the System from Earth. Cato is just an ordinary postbiological citizen, disgusted enough by the System’s excesses to go through one of the portals on Earth and spread himself to the broader System just as Earth is completely freed. He has no magic, for the System can’t be destroyed...

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Naomi Novik – The Temeraire Series

Aerial combat brings a thrilling new dimension to the Napoleonic Wars as valiant warriors rise to Britain’s defense by taking to the skies . . . not aboard aircraft but atop the mighty backs of fighting dragons. When HMS Reliant captures a French frigate and seizes its precious cargo, an unhatched dragon egg, fate sweeps Capt. Will Laurence from his seafaring life into an uncertain future–and an unexpected kinship with a most extraordinary creature. Thrust into the rarified world of the Aerial Corps as master of the dragon Temeraire, he will face a crash course in the daring tactics of...

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theReamedOne – Return of the Tower Conqueror

August 8th, 2026 — the day seven mysterious Towers appeared around the Earth, changing the life on it forever. Cain had already lived through it once, experienced the irreversible changes that the world underwent seemingly overnight. Now, for him it is twenty-five years later, while for others it is still three months before the Towers are to appear. Having stolen the Timecube and used it to reverse back the timeline, Cain is now back before it all began — with the sole difference of already knowing what will happen. Nobody had managed to discover the mystery behind the Towers even...

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Marcus Sloss – Dinosaur Warlord

Nate is the hardworking CEO of SouthernCool, an AC company in Florida. After years of toiling to get rich, he finally takes a well-deserved vacation to Australia. A chance encounter ties him to a gorgeous gal named Senna. Right as things between the two are heating up on the Great Barrier Reef, pesky aliens intervene. Humanity is doomed, they tell him, destined to become extinct in the not-too-distant future. Nate and Senna are forced to compete for a spot on a human preserve. The competition turns out to be similar to a Real Time Strategy (RTS) 4x game. That means,...

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Nicholas Searcy – Mistrunner

Imbued with superhuman power, a young woman becomes the ultimate weapon, in this post-apocalyptic cyberpunk series from the bestselling author of Death: Genesis. Ninety years ago, Earth was consumed—and irrevocably transformed—by a cloud of alien nanites known as the Mist, bestowing humanity with uncanny abilities and enhancing technology far beyond early twenty-first century science. But these advancements came at a high price: Billions are dead. The planet has been overrun by vicious monsters. And alien overlords await the opportunity to swoop in and exploit what remains of Earth and its people for all their worth. Mirabelle Braddock was born into...

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Adastra339 – Savage Awakening

Zane was driving home from work when the world changed. Thousands of dungeons spawned at once, taking up every inch of land—including the road he’s driving on. He wakes up to a totaled car and a broken leg, facing down a goblin trying to spear him through the guts. And that’s just the start of it. But to Zane’s surprise, he finds himself enjoying this brutal new world. While others cower and hide, he goes on the hunt. He unlocks a unique Berserker skill. The more damage he takes, the stronger he gets. Soon he’s beating down monster hordes, solo...

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Cale Plamann – Viceroy’s Pride

Seek out new life and civilizations. Kill them for their mana. Aliens are blown away by science. Daniel Thrush is the only known human with the ability to learn the magic which runs the various empires of the universe. Earth is in the crosshairs of the Tellask Empire, a race that discovered magic millennia before humanity even mastered fire. All known aliens focus on the arcane. Upon learning of magic, their technological progress all but halted as great voidships spread their colonies across the galaxy. For all of Earth’s military might, their only hope is to incorporate the alien’s magic...

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GoblinHorde – The Cozy Hollow

Amelia becomes caretaker of a neglected cottage in an enchanted wood.  Follow along as she makes friends and eats snacks while dungeon cores and the forces of darkness mold her into their new dark lady. Primarily a cozy fantasy slice-of-life, with only hints of dungeon core and progression.  More-or-less lighthearted.

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Ness Cent – Systematic Survival

Matt’s life changed forever when he gained a game system that allowed him to level up and complete quests in real life. But little did he know, everyone in the world would soon unlock their own systems, turning the world into a chaotic, power-hungry playground. With enemies around every corner, Matt had to use his new abilities to fight for survival and discover the truth behind the worldwide system.

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Lillene – After the End: Serenity

We all want to believe we are heroes of our own story – unless we want to be the villain, of course. At the end of everything, the Final Reaper decided he hadn’t been a hero. Driven by a desire to right the wrongs he was subjected to, he killed everyone who wronged him or his people – which turned out to be everyone that wasn’t killed by someone else first. He’d won – but it was a hollow victory. Eventually, Order’s Voice found a way out. If the only existing being would agree to give up most of his...

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