Leo Petracci – Heaven Fall

Draysky was born to die on the ridge. Like his father before him, his fate was to harvest elemental treasures until the dust claimed his lungs. As the lowest of society, a Knotted, the thin cord around his neck signifies to all his low rank. He would never progress as a mage, never advance to learn of the forbidden runes of the kingdom magicians. When Draysky looks away from the northern mountains, he dreams to buy his freedom and escape the mines forever. But the crystal mines don’t relinquish claimed lives so easily. They draw him in deeper, pulling him...

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Lily Lashley aka Etzoli – Epilogue

Three teenagers return from waging revolution in a magical dimension—but someone is missing—in this devastating fantasy fans are calling “a must read” and “an instant classic.” When Matt Westin opens his eyes, he’s back on Earth—and seven years younger than when he went to sleep. For the last seven years, Matt and his sister, Jen, along with friends Carl and Blake, have been in the fantasy world of Cyraveil, revolutionaries fighting to overthrow a dictatorial empire. Now they’ve suddenly returned to their quiet Oregon suburb, where they’re expected to go to high school and act like normal American teenagers. But...

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Nicholas Searcy – Path of Dragons

Elijah is dying. Afflicted with terminal cancer, his days are limited. So, after deciding to spend his remaining time with family, he boards a plane and sets off for the Pacific Northwest to be with his sister. However, along the way, Earth is transformed by the touch of the World Tree, injecting it with magical Ethera and connecting it to a much larger universe via the System. More importantly for Elijah, though, it also causes his plane to crash, stranding him on a deserted island. But all is not lost, and through the System, he gains the Druid archetype that...

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Aaron Oster – We Hunt Monsters

Keith has died twelve times. After making a deal with a mysterious immortal, he was sent to a new world in hopes of gaining the offered reward – a chance at a better life with his family. However, Keith failed to realize that this deal did not come with an expiration date, no matter how many times he died. After dying for the dozenth time, Keith renegotiates with the immortal. This new deal will see him sent to the world of Raiah – a world filled with monsters, cowardly monkeys, and a system of magic very similar to the fantasy...

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Lin Meili – The Chronicles of Emberstone Farm

Joyful and fun! Like a comforting blanket that infuses you with a cheerful warmth, this is a heartwarming tale about farming, crafting, and magic. Violet, an orphan from Earth, was just about to apply to a college when she got distracted by her favorite video game, Adventure Incarnate. When she logged into the MMORPG, she was transported into the world of the game. Thankfully, Adventure Incarnate was a fun farming/adventure RPG, and she has an awesome cheat – her inventory is full of raw materials that she can use to level up and craft legendary items. Join her in her...

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Zanafar – Saga of Ebonheim

In a world where gods walk among mortals, governing their settlements and determining their fates, the outcasts and the forsaken forge their own path to salvation. They journey to the untamed frontiers and establish their new home within an ancient forest valley. Shunned by the gods they once served, these outcasts forge a new path forward, led by elders who conspire to create a deity of their own. Through shared stories and collective beliefs, they breathe life into Ebonheim—a goddess born from their dreams and the embodiment of their hope for a brighter future. As Ebonheim emerges into existence, she...

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Tim Paulson – System of Nil

In a world of secrets, he who holds the answers holds the power. Nathan Cheng, known professionally as Nil, is anything but ordinary. With his fourth consecutive game jam win in the bag, he has a lot of big ideas for his own studio, though he lacks the resources to make them real. Even if he did, the gaping hole in his heart from the untimely death of his sister has left him angry and bitter. If only he could have been there. When he wakes up in an arcane world with a system that seems familiar, he’s given an...

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Justin Marks – The Fort at the End of the World

LEARN – PROGRESS – SURVIVE Jason and his friends just wanted to spend a week at the lake house. Time to relax, hang out, and catch up on old times. Then the System arrived. It only took a few hours for their world to become a real-life roleplaying game; trading some downtime for the need to learn new skills and powers while trying to defend their new home, their families, and survive. They don’t know the rules. They don’t know what’s coming next. What they do know is; they need to reinforce and expand their fort while protecting it, keep...

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Harmon Cooper – Arcane Cultivator

Build the deck. Cultivate power. Slay the gods. When a magic ritual goes disastrously wrong, Jaden is exiled to the heart of the desert and left to die. Battered and bruised, Jaden encounters the outcast Nomadwater Sect, who grant him a second chance at life as a mysterious arcane cultivator. With its savage beasts and cryptic mysteries, survival in the sprawling desert of Southfall is a dangerous game. Yet Jaden and the Nomadwater Sect persevere, growing closer and forming bonds over the course of a long summer. This changes the day the Gods kill their leader, seize the sect, and...

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Miles English – Bog Standard Isekai

Sometimes dying isn’t even the worst part of your day Mark has been reincarnated into a dead town, one that has been recently destroyed and occupied by ravenous undead. They disappear every day and return again at night, mindless and hungry, hunting for any survivors. He’ll need to use cunning and subterfuge to avoid them, because since he was transported into the body of a child, he can’t level up. At least not yet. Bog Standard. It means “totally normal”, right? But for the small towns found in these bogs, there’s no quick rescue and not much trade. Everything has...

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