Kwerte – Path of the Godscourge

The God of the Sea has overstepped, and only the Mediator can stop him. But no one has ever killed a God before.  As a street urchin, Vayra had nothing but dreams—until she was chosen to fight in a war of Gods. She’s the Mediator, a mortal avatar whose spirit can host a God, allowing her to practice a forgotten form of cultivation. Her duty: to defeat the God of the Sea and restore balance to the universe. Her quest: to venture across the high seas and to different worlds, all to save her little brother from a deadly poison....

4.00 / 5
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Dean Henegar – Limitless Seas

Vaguely remembering the accident that might have killed him, retired Navy captain Craig Larson is offered a chance at a new life. Choosing the body of a half-man, half-serpent creature called a naga, Larson must fight to secure a place for himself in this new world. Soon, he finds himself in a fight against pirates, thieves, and terrors of the deep, all of which seek to end his new life before it truly begins. But Larson is not easily deterred. He will call upon a loyal crew and decades of knowledge from his previous life, standing ready with steel and spell to cut down all who oppose him as he seeks to conquer the Limitless Seas. 

4.49 / 5
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