Stripes04 – Another Dungeon Core


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Stripes04 – Another Dungeon Core

LitRPG & GameLit Hiatus Mature ContentSensitive Content 600 Pages

A soul who died just in time to enter a brand new world. A man who spent all his life reading of fantastical worlds filled with magic and adventure will finally get to live his dream. To be a hero? No. To explore the world and find adventure? No. He’s a forever DM who loves creating adventure for others! Now reincarnated as Dungeon Core in a brand new world and with a system that’s actually helpful, he will live out his dream of creating a sense of wonder and accomplishment in those who dive his depths.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Slice of Life    Dungeon    Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Dungeon CoreIsekai/TransmigrationKingdom / Base Builder Lead Male Dungeon Core Abilities First Person

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