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Does your series contain “Example TAG”? or Is your series about “Example TAG”? When members search for a series using tags, they are looking for something that scratches a specific itch. In other words they are looking for a story about “Example TAG”. If your series contains a tag, but it is not a key feature, then you should not select it as readers will be left dissapointed.

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The series is 10 books long about a man (MALE) who is ISEKAI‘d to another world.He meets another man and a women (FEMALE) who join his party, but the POV is always from the first man. He grows in power by CRAFTING most of his own gear throughout the series. He spends half his time in town (URBAN), where he learns new techniques and the other half of the time he is in the wilderness (RURAL) fighting monsters. The third book in the series revolves around a TOURNAMENT.

MALEYES. The story revolves around the main character who is male.
FEMALENO. This character may feature heavily, but is not the main character that the story is based on.
ISEKAIYES. The character spends the majority of the series in another world.
CRAFTINGYES. The power growth of the character comes from gear that he crafts himself and is present throughout the whole series
URBANNO. Only half the story is in a town, this would not satisfy someone who is only interested in urban environments.
RURALNO. Only half the story is in the wilderness, this would not satisfy someone who is only interested in Rural environments.
TOURNAMENTNO. The tournament arc only makes up 10% of the story and readers would have to wait 3 books before they can experience it, which would not scratch that immediate itch that they were looking for.

Suspected spam tags will be excluded and the submission may be rejected.

Web novels must have at least 200 pages (55,000 words)
Web novels marked as HIATUS will only be added if they have at least 1000 pages

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Sex scenes count as anything more than kissing that is written in detail
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