TitansRook – Lucid Core

TitansRook – Lucid Core

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Lucid dreaming is something that happens very rarely. Some people may never experience it in their entire lives. But for Lucid, it’s a nightly occurrence. He plays around in his dreams, stretching his will over everything with the finest of controls. Manipulating his very environment has become second nature to him. So when he becomes a dungeon core without his knowing, he slides into the position comfortably.

Abby and Owyn are adventurers! Abby desires all the thrills that adventures bring, and Owyn is obsessed with dungeons. While they may not have much now, they’re almost ready to finish their preparations. One more month, and they’ll have saved enough to move to the big city and take on a real dungeon! That is, until a mysterious dungeon appears on the outskirts of their quiet town.

All this action garners the attention of people far more powerful than Setterton had ever encountered before. Tension builds, mysteries become discovered, and everyone discovers who they really are once the temptation of power forces both sides into a conflict that neither can avoid.

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