Tsula – Soul Contractor – Reincarnated as a Magical Beast

Tsula – Soul Contractor – Reincarnated as a Magical Beast

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4.25 / 5

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Series Summary

After years of fighting cancer, Angela Reid was offered a second life as a magical beast, the only caveat being a “small” mission she should complete for a goddess.

The new body, fur and all, feels natural. The new name, Angel, fits like a glove.

But can he hold onto who he was when his class and the system itself seem so keen on altering his mind?

“Soul Contractor : Reincarnated as a Magical Beast” is a slow paced story filled with the numerous mistakes and missteps of a person given plenty of power, without any real experience to use it.

Some things to expect. 


Absolutely  Slow Start (bears mentioning again)

There is some fade to black hanky panky. 

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