WhimsicalDeity – The Whims of Gods


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WhimsicalDeity – The Whims of Gods

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio 2 Book(s)

After quitting her job as a therapist and grabbing some work at a dog shelter, Tess’s life became pretty slow. A tad boring, even.

It thus came as no small surprise when she was chosen by a god.

Thrust into a new world where magic, monsters, and character levels are suddenly a reality, Tess will quickly find that just surviving can be a challenge. It doesn’t help that dark forces are stirring, she’s woefully underpowered, and that spiders keep trying to claw her face off.

One thing’s for certain, though: The possibilities are endless. Will she end up wrestling a dragon? Becoming an arch-mage? Opening a quaint, bookstore, coffee shop, and wine bar for elves? The choice is hers… As long as she can live long enough to make it.

Female NarratorEbookKindle UnlimitedAudio Book Reincarnation (Own Body)Isekai/TransmigrationReincarnation Lead Female First Person Light Stats

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