XKarnation – Reborn as a Demonic Tree


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XKarnation – Reborn as a Demonic Tree

LitRPG & GameLit Ongoing - WrittenOngoing - Audio Mature ContentSensitive Content 2 Book(s)

Ashlock wakes in the courtyard of a demonic sect… as a tree. A tree that eats people.

An odd start to a new life. Almost as strange as the humans flying through the skies on flaming swords and challenging the heavens. After all, this is a world where humans could chase the goal of immortality through the art of cultivation.

But Ashlock is merely a sapling in a desolate courtyard, left alone with his thoughts and unable to speak to those passing him by.

Unless he does something about it…

Every day, he grows stronger as he cultivates and uses a suspicious daily sign-in system that grants him powerful skills, mutations, summons, and items, all in exchange for credits earned from eating flesh and watching the seasons pass by.

But his peaceful life and man-eating ways can only go unnoticed for so long. His Qi-rich bark makes him a target for many young masters. If that isn’t bad enough, tensions in the demonic sect are at an all-time high with the Beast Tide festers on the horizon.

Ashlock’s only option is to grow faster and stronger than any tree has ever done in the history of the nine realms—all while trying to avoid being turned into firewood.

EbookKindle UnlimitedMale NarratorPaperbackAudio Book Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    Reincarnation (Non-Human)CultivationIsekai/TransmigrationReincarnation Lead Male Third Person

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