XP, Evolution & Achievements

XP, Evolution & Achievements

Series Reviews

100 Lifetime XP

1 Evolution Point

You can earn experience by leaving a review of a series in the comment section of the series page. You are limited to 1 review per day and the review must be 150 words minimum.

Ideally your review should include more detailed information than what the tagging system can currently provide i.e. providing information on how the magic system works, character personalities and the style of the authors writing, grammar and punctuation etc.


200 Lifetime XP
(once per week)

1 Evolution Points

You can earn experience by voting in any poll. You can vote in as many polls as you want, but you will only earn XP for the first poll you vote in each week, this is to prevent new members from taking the top spots on the leaderboards by completing all the old polls in one go.

You can, however, still earn Evolution points by completing polls even if you have used your weekly allowance, so it is worthwhile completing as many polls as possible.

Up / Down Votes

10 Lifetime XP
(20 times per month)

You can also earn experience by upvoting or downvoting series. You can only do this 20 times per month and unlike voting in polls, you do not gain Vote or Evolution points

Tag Reviews

200 Lifetime XP

3 Evolution Points

You can earn experience by filling in tags for series marked as missing info or by updating series completion status. You can find these series Here.

XP will be awarded once the form has been recieved. XP is awarded per series updated, tag spamming or inconsistencies will result in XP being revoked, see below for more info.


300 Lifetime XP

5 Evolution Points

You can earn experience by submitting new series. XP will be awarded once your submission has been recieved, however XP may be revoked if the series is rejected.

Reasons a submission may be rejected:

  • Duplicates (search for the series before submitting)
  • Webnovels with under 200 pages (55,000 words)
  • Webnovel marked Hiatus with under 1000 pages
  • Spam tagging, inconsistant or confusing choice of tags (tags must DEFINE the series, if the tag only applies to a portion of the series or doesn’t apply until book 3+ etc, then don’t include them)

Ranking Up

While earning XP, you will also earn Evolution points. These points can then be traded in to increase your evolution rank.


Lvl 1 – Scavenger
Lvl 2 – Trainee

5 Evolution Points

Lvl 3 – Adept

25 Evolution Points

Lvl 4 – Warrior

75 Evolution Points

Lvl 5 – Destroyer

250 Evolution Points

Lvl 6 – Unchained

1000 Evolution Points


Achievements can be earned for completing certain feats and award bonus Evolution Points.

Apprentice Scribe

5 Evolution Points

Epic Chronicler

25 Evolution Points

Mythical Appraiser

50 Evolution Points

Scroll Seeker

25 Evolution Points

Master of Manuscripts

125 Evolution Points

Legendary Lorekeeper

250 Evolution Points

Top Supporter

105 Evolution Points

Patreon Only Reward. Also awards 2,000 XP