Y.B Striker AKA Ya Boy – Virtuous Sons


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Y.B Striker AKA Ya Boy – Virtuous Sons

Non-LitRPG Completed - WrittenOngoing - Audio 3 Book(s)

The saying goes that when a man is born the Fates weave his destiny and swaddle him in it. Then one day the man dies, and the swaddle becomes a shroud. Heaven moves on.

It is audacity to question the Fates. Olympus is Olympus. The land of men is the land of men. To transgress that, to cross the line of divinity and scale Olympus Mons? To defy the Fates and cast off their threads?

That is hubris. It’s a mark that every philosopher bears plainly on their soul.

EbookKindle UnlimitedMixed Gender NarratorsPaperbackAudio Book Medieval/Pre-industrial Era    CultivationWuxia / Xianxia Lead Male Multiple Lead Characters First Person Slow Paced No Stats

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