Zanafar – Slumdog Hero


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Zanafar – Slumdog Hero

Non-LitRPG Ongoing - Written Mature Content 1 Book(s)

Fii’s life in the slums was always about survival. But a fateful encounter with the enigmatic Dr. Edith reveals her true potential. As the only successful product of a forbidden experiment, Fii finds herself wielding powers she never imagined. Navigating the treacherous landscape of the slums, she grapples with the weight of her newfound abilities. With every choice she makes, she teeters on the edge of becoming the hero the slums need or the vigilante they fear.

RoyalRoadWeb Novel Mystery   Sci-fi    Urban Location    Future Era    Guns/Modern WeaponrySuperheroes/VillainsWeak to Strong Lead Female GravityUnique Ability Extrovert Multiple Lead Characters Light Progression Third Person Medium Paced Mixed Solo/Party No Stats

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