ZATsamizdat – An Unequal Share

ZATsamizdat – An Unequal Share

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Vero is an orphan, raised by a cruel and abusive master to hunt monsters after the death of her parents. To protect herself in a harsh feudal society, she has adopted a male identity and travels in men’s clothes.

When she receives a strange tome as payment for a hunt, Vero follows the clues within on a quest to find the last stronghold once held by the order of monster slayers she belongs to. Located far up in the snowy mountains, where the days are short and the nights are haunted by vampires, the fortress was rumored to have been destroyed long ago. Never the less, Vero leaves those close to her behind to learn the truth of her order’s origins.

Along the way she remembers the experiences which have forged her into the warrior she has become: The death of her teacher in battle against a werewolf. The exorcism of an evil tower, under siege and haunted by a terrible secret. A passionate love affair with the richest man in the kingdom. An investigation for assassins stalking a noble court, with victims both great and small. A hunt for undead predators lurking in the shadows of an opulent brothel district. And finally, the family tragedy which set her on this road in the first place.

The skills gained during her previous hunts gives her the abilities she needs to survive as she pushes beyond civilized territory into a land of endless snow and ice. However, it’s her memories of those she’s come to care about that give her the inner strength to press on alone against all odds.

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